Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Garden in the Shade

There's some dappled morning sun on the patio, garden, and lawn. Mostly though, our garden is deep shade.

I've lived and gardened here for the past four years since moving in with my husband.

I do sometimes miss my vintage Georgian with its sunny borders and vegetable garden. I miss the tomatoes most of all.

Still, I love this garden in the shade. During the dog days of summer it's a cooler, breezier retreat from the sun than the suburban back yards of most anyone I know. I can work back here any time of the day I choose without having to slather myself in sunscreen. Because it's so shaded our house stays cooler inside than most. We don't have to use our air conditioning as often. We save energy, we save money, and we get to enjoy the fleeting sweet sounds and scents of summer borne through our open windows on soft, sensuous breezes.

We spend a lot of time outside, from early spring through late fall, and all throughout the summer. The summer shade in our backyard is so much a part of the pleasure of our outdoor lifestyle. I do miss my vegetable garden, but oh, how I love this garden in the shade, and the man I get to share it with.


  1. Congrats on your new blog! And thanks for visiting. I look forward to reading another Chicago-area blogger (there are some great ones already on my gotta read list).

    Your garden looks wonderful too. Won't it be great when we aren't freezin' and can actually get out and plant? It's still a long way off for me in NS but reading blogs helps to get us through winter.

  2. Jodi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I really enjoy reading yours. It looks so beautiful up there in Nova Scotia!

    I'm so looking forward to getting out there and digging in the dirt. It will still be awhile here too, alas! sigh. . .

  3. Aw, I think it's beautiful. All I can see in my yard is white, white, white snow . . .

  4. Oh how cool Jill! I'm honored to have you visit my blog!

    Unfortunately the garden is covered in snow here too. I just can't help thinking about spring lately. It's been a long, snowy winter here in the midwest. My solution. . . I've resorted to fantasizing in the virtual world!

  5. I'm in the chicago area too and I have a shade garden that I love. Look forward to seeing your garden this spring.

  6. Hi Rosemarie! I'll look forward to checking out your blog and your shade garden too. Thanks for visiting!


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