Friday, September 2, 2011

IGC Show

Hope you enjoy this slideshow from The Independent Garden Center Show held in Mid-August at Navy Pier in Chicago. There was so much buzz and so much energy, and I really got caught up in it. The only down side of that was the time went by so fast, I took a lot less photos than in previous years.

What a thrill being able to attend this show for the last three years. Although it's closed to the general public, a number of garden bloggers are provided with press passes. This year's show was friendlier, bigger, and better than ever, with more garden bloggers/garden writers in attendance than ever. It's a wonderful opportunity to see what's new and what's coming to local, independent garden centers around the country in 2012.

It was so much fun meeting up with old and new friends, and chatting with independent garden center owners and suppliers. The dinner cruise on Lake Michigan was a wonderful experience - the company was great, the food was fantastic, and the scenery was gorgeous. A number of garden writers enjoyed a kickoff #Gardenchat party/tweetup at The Yarden. Since the location was just a few minutes away from the neighborhood where I grew up, I drove up early and revisited a few childhood memories, and visited the Peterson Garden Project. I'll share some photos from those places in a later post or posts. Until then, hope you enjoy the images from the 2011 IGC Show!


  1. Hi GG,

    I missed the boat on this one literally. I never sent for press passes and then got invited to the P. Allan Smith Boat Tour, didn't go because I did not want to come home by myself at 11 p.m. It looks like you had a great day. Maybe next time!


  2. Sounds like such a great time! The lake cruise sounds especially fun. I love all the ironwork, especially the old loveseat--that would look great in your garden, Linda.

  3. Sorry you missed it Eileen - it was so much fun! I understand the concern about getting home at that hour. I did have Monica with me (and dropped Kylee off at her hotel,) but even by myself I would have felt quite safe. We parked right at the Pier, so we didn't have to walk anywhere or take public transportation. If I had been by myself I might have asked one of the guys to walk me to my car, but I'm not sure even that would have been necessary.

    It was great Rose! I LOVED all that ironwork. I could picture so many of those things here, including the loveseat. The really neat things about that stuff - it was really new, but made to look old, modeled on authentic pieces, and the prices were actually surprisingly reasonable - a lot less than 'real' antiques would be.

  4. How fun! Loved the video, thanks for sharing...


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