Friday, August 5, 2011

Veggie Gardens Video Tour

Come along with me for a tour of our veggie beds.

Many of our vegetables this year are courtesy of Renee's Garden. Renee sells a fantastic variety of vegetable and flower seeds. All of our lettuce came from Renee's Garden. Growing right now are 'Renee's Caesar Duo (red and green romaine mix,) 'Wine Country Mesclun,' and 'Renee's Stirfry Mix (Pan-Pacific Greens, which I've been enjoying raw in salads.) We're also growing Renee's 'Bright Lights' rainbow chard. The cherry tomatoes are from Renee too. We're growing her 'Garden Candy' mix. Each seed packet contains three varieties of cherry tomatoes - yellow, red, and orange - 'Sun Gold,' 'Supersweet,' and 'Sweet Gold' The seeds are color-coded with food-grade stain so the gardener can tell which seeds are which. They're all delicious!

Also from Renee's Garden we're growing fennel, blue borage, flat-leaf and curly parsley, 'Sweet Armenian' and Japanese 'Tasty Green' cucumbers, and 'Romeo' round baby carrots. Seedlings started in the basement for our fall vegetable garden include Renee's 'Crispy Winter Greens,' 'Green Fortune' baby pak choi, and 'Super Rapini' broccoli raab.

In this age of Monsanto buying out small seed suppliers, I'm very grateful for seed companies like Renee's Garden. Visit the link above for more information on how her seeds are selected and sustainably grown. Thank you Renee for the love you devote to what you do, for providing such an awesome selection of seeds, for your outreach to garden bloggers, and thanks so much for filling my vegetable beds with such wonderful, delicious food!


  1. Wonderful how productive such a small space can be. It's a tribute to your creativity and care. I remember the photo of your table of jarred produce from last year's garden. Thanks so much for posting the video tour. ♥ ♥

  2. Hi LInda,
    I loved seeing your veggie garden. Thanks...Balisha

  3. I am so impressed. You are an inspiration. ~Maybe it's time for me to stop making excuses and make a veggie garden! xogail ps Trees must come down so sun can shine on veggies

  4. I was just thinking "Wow, the Lawn Man let you put pots in the front yard?!" *right* when you said they're for him (and of course need full sun). I do like hot peppers. If you save seeds, wear gloves!

    So envious of the beans--groundhogs ate mine to the ground as seedlings. May try them in a plastic bin next year.

    I kept waiting for George to appear in a cameo role...

  5. I like the green beans and cucumbers, and the kale. I miss the peas. Oh yeah, and I loved the pak choi. And the radish greens. And the turnip greens. The beet greens are rad. Too bad the Lawn Man doesn't like beets. And will you please tell the squirrels if they eat one more cucumber I'm gonna chase them up the nearest tree and bark at them till they drop dead from heart attacks. Those are my cucumbers, and I'm not sharing with no stoopid squirrels.

    I was taking a nap when she made that video Monica. At my advanced age, chasing squirrels sure tires me out.

  6. I eat fresh garden veggies every day Mom (and so does George.) It really is amazing how productive such small spaces can be. I'm so happy to have found some spots for veggies here!

    Aw, thank you Gail! If you do find a spot for veggies, I think you'll really enjoy growing them.

    As much as I love the ornamental gardens, my first gardening experiences as a kid were with vegetables (unless you count pouring dirt over my head when I was a baby. . . :)

    First peppers, next year . . . ? I couldn't have grown those hot peppers in part sun - they probably would have eventually produced, but I'm sure they wouldn't have ripened. The only solution was to put them in full, blazing sun in front. It's all part of my evil plan Monica!

    Oh yeah, my order's already in for some latex gloves. I probably will use them for harvesting the hot peppers too.

    Sorry about your beans. This is the first year critters have bothered the veggies here. I'm sure it won't be the last. Like George said, he was napping after a rousing bout of squirrel-chasing. He's not happy about them eating the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor.

    I'll tell them George, but you know they never listen to me. I think you need to catch them in the act and teach them a lesson. Do it for US, ok? And while you're at it, tell them to quit digging in the pots, will you? Thanks!

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed it Balisha!

  8. Hi GG,

    I really enjoyed the tour of your veggie garden. Mine is pretty small also and I am very encouraged this year with all that it is producing. I must learn how to do a video soon.


  9. Glad you enjoyed it Eileen. It's quite amazing how productive even a small bed can be!

  10. How cool, Linda. I love peppers/herbs and can think of a million ways to enjoy your harvest!

  11. I love them too Joey! I'm sure I'll be looking for some recipe ideas from you!

  12. Woohoo! Thanks for the "props" :D we're coming out with a new cherry tomato this year called "Isis Candy" and I think you're going to love it (it's an heirloom variety)

  13. Hi Nellie! Looking forward to trying the new tomato. I've really been enjoying all the veggies and herbs - wasn't sure if I could fit them all in our little beds, but no problem thanks to succession planting!

    Hope to see you again at IGC next week!

  14. That's really great your growing some hot pepper for your neighbor friend. Basil grows so well here in pots. Love this plant!


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