Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rainy-Day Shade Garden

Rainy days are perfect for enjoying the garden from indoors.

The second-floor views are among my favorites of the shade garden.

These photos were taken from our guest room and guest bathroom.

Where are your favorite rainy-day places to see your garden?


  1. Great photos from upstairs. I have been wondering how to do this because I would have to take the screen off. I can just see it droping down to the ground.


  2. My daughter's second-floor bedroom window looks perfectly onto my front garden bed where I have all the hosta, salvia and assorted pink flowers. The colors just pop on a cloudy rainy day. What a beautiful oasis in your backyard ...

  3. I want a second floor window to look out to my garden BAD ! further proof I need one, courtesy of your pretty garden showing, thanks ! Gina

  4. Great photos! My favorite spot is to see the back yard garden from my couch!

  5. What a "cool" retreat. Cool in more ways than one. I look out my breakfast nook doors to the deck and back yard. My favorite spot to sit, so I put a rocker there. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Great photos from your second story, Garden Girl. I was up on the roof a couple of days ago (one story) blowing off the leaves and wished I had my camera. It gives such a different perspective looking down on the garden.

    Your photos show the pretty curves of your beds and lawn man's much-to-proud-of lawn from a point they can be appreciated in a new way.

    My favorite place to enjoy the garden on a rainy day is sitting on the back screened lanai ... just feet away from the rain.

  7. I love the view from your upstairs guest room into your lovely shade garden~ To get this view I need to go up on the roof! On rainy days when the wind isn't blowing we like to sit on the screened front porch~It over looks the wildflower gardens and you can see the Susans in bloom on summer days. gail

  8. Something about the rain making the dirt darker - it makes the colors in the shade more vibrant somehow. I love the way the light is reflecting off those wet elephant ears!

  9. Hi Linda, the view from my bedroom window is nice, and I always love watching the critters outside my three-panel doorwall out back. Lisa at Greenbow, who lives in a ranch as I do, set up a ladder in her garden to get higher elevation photos--I still need to do that! You garden looks so lovely!

  10. Linda girl your rainy shade garden is beautiful (I also love your garden furniture : )
    It is raining today too .. which means house cleaning .. yuck ! but .. I love looking out my deck doors and seeing my garden drink in all this wonderful rain too !
    Yours is a beautiful lush picture : )

  11. Our family room screens are like that too Ellen. The rest are on tracks so they're easy to raise and lower. I've popped them out and dropped them though (shhh, don't tell the Lawn Man. ;) So far they've survived the plunges.

    Your daughter's got a nice view Beth!

    The second floor may be more challenging for us as we get older Gina, but for now I really enjoy the seclusion, quiet, and view we have with our bedrooms upstairs.

  12. The couch is a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the garden Rose!

    Thank you Balisha. The breakfast nook sounds like a perfect place!

    That sounds wonderful Meems! Two houses ago we had a large screened back porch. It was my favorite part of the house.

    The Lawn Man has done a lot of research, and has taken what used to be a struggling, scraggly, typical shade lawn into a lush, beautiful barefoot-worthy green carpet. It's really quite an amazing lawn. It deserves its own post!

    I love your screened front porch Gail. I still miss the screened back porch. It was a wonderful place to enjoy the garden and the rain. The virtually bug-free environment was wonderful for entertaining and eating too. You have a beautiful view from your porch!

  13. I love a birds eye view of gardens. Since I don't have a two story house I found that out when I was up getting sticks/branches off my house. the view looking down is the garden you draw out on paper, but in living, beautiful color!
    After all the close up inspections, weeding, planting, etc. A total over all view is amazing in its own way.

  14. Wow GG the view from your window upstairs is really inspiring. It's really soothing to the senses. When they bloom it would be enchanting.

  15. YOur garden looks lovely in that soft, misty light.

  16. Such a lovely view, Linda. Nothing like a rainy day to just sit back and enjoy the garden without having the impulse to go out and pull a few weeds:) But then I don't see any weeds in your garden!

  17. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Your garden is so neat and tidy that I'm jealous, and I don't even like neat and tidy. Also, I love the way well-kept gardens like yours look after a rain.

    Nice job with the garden.

  18. Thank you Marnie - don't you just love the light and color of this kind of weather!

    Hi Rose, we do enjoy the view. I just might have gotten out there in that rain and pulled silver maple seedlings. Herbaceous weeds are almost non-existent in our beds and borders, but tree seedlings. . . oy! We have hundreds (thousands?) of silver maple, buckthorn, elm, cottonwood, mulberry, and oak seedlings in the gardens this time of year. I try to keep up with them and pull them before I need a trowel, or worse, a shovel.

    Shade definitely has it perks MBT - needs a lot less maintenance. Even with all the tree seedlings there are to pull, overall there's a lot less weeding and maintenance required compared to the sunnier gardens I've been used to before moving here. And, when I do have to work in it, it's easier to get motivated, knowing I won't be baking and sweating in the sun.


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