Monday, May 4, 2009

Peas Please

The veggie garden is getting a slow start thanks to a cool cold spring. The peas are climbing the trellis, and there's baby lettuce of all sorts, radishes, spinach, endive, beets, and life-changing garlic growing in the garden now.

There's still room to plant, and as the cool-season veggies are harvested, there will be even more room for things like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and squash. I'm still thinking about not growing so many ornamental containers this summer, and using some of the large pots for veggies instead.

To me, peas are very pretty, graceful plants. I love seeing their tendrils grip tight to the trellis and hold on even on a windy day. Can't wait for them to start blooming and producing sweet, tender spring peas!


  1. Hi Linda ! .. I really love the structure of this garden patch by bricking it in .. you have given me some ideas of how to revamp a raised bed that is in trouble right now (deck configurations darn it !! LOL)
    Peas are truly graceful plants indeed .. and I also am not doing a lot of flower pots .. I'm concentrating on herbs : )
    Great post girl !

  2. Good morning Joy! I thought about wood timbers, but wanted something more permanent. The pavers match the other garden borders we have, and I'm pleased with the way the veggie bed turned out. It will be very easy to expand too, since I didn't use any cement to hold the pavers in place.

  3. Looking really good Linda. I vote for putting one or two veggies in pots. You can also use haybales. Now that is neat for tomatoes!

  4. Hi Linda, I love peas too, especially fresh from the garden. This is a good idea for a raised bed vegetable planting....easy to make it taller if needs be. There has been some interesting weather this spring! gail

  5. Thanks Tina! I recently saw some hay bale veggie gardens - such a neat idea!

    I may do some tomatoes and peppers in containers. The veggie bed is planted along a sidewalk next to the garage, and the pots will just fit along the garage wall.

    I think peppers and tomatoes will appreciate the heat from the brick, and am tempted to put them out now, but I'll be good and wait until after our last average frost date later this month.

    Me too Gail! There's nothing like peas fresh from the garden. They're neck-and-neck with home-grown tomatoes in my book!

    Hopefully spring is finally here to stay!

  6. I do like peas, though mostly made as "mushy" in the English style, so I don't grow them. I agree their foliage is cute, though. Your post reminds me I need to direct sow my lettuce! Planted a bunch of little perennials yesterday. Planned to work int he garden all day today, but my niece is in town and I'm meeting her for lunch--well, that's fun too! Happy Monday!

  7. P.S. Mushy peas (look weird, taste great!) require a special type of marrowfat pea I haven't been able to find, though, granted, I haven't looked extensively, either!

  8. Linda, Your peas are looking great; I can see them growing in a pot, too. You are way ahead of me in veggie planting. All this rain has made the garden too wet to work in; I really should think about having a raised bed next year like yours.

  9. Hi Monica, my favorites are snow peas and baby peas. I like 'em on the crisp side and very young and sweet. I've never had mushy English-style peas, but (mushy) split pea soup is one of my favorite foods.

    Thanks Rose, this is my first raised veggie bed, and I'm liking it so far! In spite of all the rain I've been able to work in it anytime I wish.

  10. Hi Linda, looking good! I too love the look of the pea plants, all of them. The sweet peas offer flowers and the sugar snaps offer deliciousness. It gets hot too quickly here for English peas, but the sugar snaps do very well with the heat I learned last year. I have given some container space over to the veggies too, they are very pretty in their own way. :-)

  11. Thanks Frances! Good to know sugar snaps are more heat-tolerant. This is my first time growing them.

  12. Your peas look very nice. Ours are just an inch or so high.

  13. Hi Linda-
    Hopefully the weather will be nice for the rest of May! Last week I transplanted the Lettuce I grew from the seeds you sent- it's looking good! I'm going to try to post about my vegetable garden later this week (probably Thursday since it is my day off).

    Have a great week!

    Laura :)

  14. Peas are one of the few vegetables if you want to have fresh - they just have to be grown in your own garden. It's all looking very promising - looks like you've got about 3 weeks until you sit down to your first dinner of wonderful bright green spring peas.

  15. Thanks K&V! The peas were planted March 15th, but it was so chilly they didn't do much until the last couple of weeks. They're liking our spring weather recently, and so am I!

    Hi Laura, I hope so! Good to know your lettuce is doing well, and I'll be looking forward to your veggie garden update!

    Hi Barbara, I have to agree! Home grown peas are right up there with tomatoes - such a difference from the ones at the store!

  16. Wow, that's looking really good. Those peas are going to taste marvelous, won't they? My seeds haven't really sprouted yet. (Except for the ones I fried....) I'm loving your garden. Here's hoping mine starts springing forth soon!

  17. Hi Linda, I love peas but the problem is there's never enough for the dinner table as I eat them all raw in the garden! Work, snack, work, snack..guess I need to just grow more! Yours are double in size than mine, they look great!

  18. It has been rather cool this spring here too, although that could be just the rain! Our peas are just now beginning to flower.

  19. Your peas looks great Linda and I'm looking forward to see the rest progress.


  20. Thanks Cinj - can't wait!

    Hope yours gets going soon.

    I have the same problem Lynn! . . . Well, it's not really a problem. I love them raw.

    Cool Dave - won't be long now for your peas!

    Thanks Tyra! Can't wait to see those pretty little peas!


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