Monday, August 11, 2008

The Quintessential George


  1. George is a big sweetie! Dogs are the best. I get the biggest kick out of my Schnauzer in the garden. No plant is safe from her curiousity!

  2. Beth, don't you just love this poor-me hang-dog look! He sure knows how to play it to the hilt. How can you resist a face like this?

    Thankfully George mostly stays out of the garden. At 80 galumphing pounds, he can cause quite a bit of destruction, and has learned to stay out of the garden (except for the new bed in the back. . . ) I hope your schnauzer isn't too destructive in the garden.

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    How could you not love a face like that? lol He's a big ham! :)

  4. PG, Isn't he a stitch! This is his best 'poor, poor, pitiful me' look!

  5. Aww, what a sweetie. It would be hard to get mad at such a face; hope he wasn't into mischief:)

  6. Rose, nope, no mischief. He's usually a very good boy. My husband went inside to put a couple of pizzas together to grill, and George was stressed, even though he could still see him through the kitchen window, and torn, since I was outside, and my husband was inside. Hmmm. . . outside with me and the flowers, or inside with Dad and the food? Tough choice, huh?

  7. Awww.... he's so cute! Let me guess, he wanted food? (Those are the eyes I get when mine wants food, anyway! lol.)

    Oops, I see in another comment you left that it's worse than that. He's torn between you and food... decisions, decisions. :)

  8. What a handsome fellow. :)

  9. George looks like such an upset baby having a bit of separation anxiety! LOL...

    We have cats but keep dog treats for the neighborhood dogs that come by to visit. The Rhodesian ridgeback became a problem as the big puppy started to dig in the gardens. Now he stays home and I miss him but I dont miss stepping into his big holes! Jetta the Chow-mix and Zippy the Rat Terrier still come often but they don’t cause any issues for me. Well, an occasional land mind but so far we spot them before stepping into them. lol

  10. He's a beauty! There is nothing like 'puppy love' is there!


  11. Now how could ya not love that sweet face!!! Is that your patio behind George? I love it. So pretty!

  12. That's just pathetic! He's sure got you well trained. Of course I'd have a hard time resisting that face too.

  13. I had to look up that big huge word (quintessential) to find out the meaning and yes, George's picture is true to its description-the most perfect embodiment of something. What a sweet dog. How old is he? I have a golden who is pretty white and I notice some white on George's muzzle.

  14. Blackswamp Girl, George is always happiest when we're we're both home and in the same place he is. Actually he's even happier when our girls and grandson are here.

    The only exception to that is if there's food - then he doesn't care who else is around as long as he's as close to the food as possible.

    Nancy, isn't he adorable? How could you not love a face like that!

    Skeeter, separation anxiety is his middle name! Our village has huge fines for 'dogs at large,' so it's rare for us to have any canine visitors, even though village codes don't allow fenced yards.

    Gail, I resisted getting a dog the whole time my kids were growing up. George came along and needed a family when the kids were in college, and I couldn't turn my back on him. Poor baby was rescued from neglect by my oldest daughter, along with his twelve siblings and his mother. She kept one puppy with a deformed leg since he would have been hard to place, and found homes for all except George. I resisted at first, but who can resist a face like that!

    Brenda, he is a sweetheart. He does have some emotional issues, mostly separation anxiety, but he's just the sweetest thing!

    Yep, that's our patio - we live out there all summer! Thanks!

    MMD, yep, he can be pretty pathetic sometimes! He doesn't always get his way, but that sure doesn't stop him from trying anyway. He did have some pizza, but not until we were finished eating. Our punishment for making him wait was being grossed out watching him drool all over the patio while we ate.

    Tina, George often looks like the picture of angst! Poor baby! Whiney Dog is one of his nicknames.

    He'll be 8 right before Christmas. The older he gets, the more white he gets. He's always had white-tipped feet and a little white fur on his belly, and in the last 3 years or so his face keeps getting progressively whiter. His brother, my daughter's dog, is turning white the same as he is.

    Goldens are such sweet dogs. I've known a few of them. They're great with kids too. Labs seem to have similar personalities to Goldens. George and my grandson are best buddies.

  15. Hello George! I have a George too :), he's my husband! :)


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