Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nursery in the Cedars

There are two cedar trees on the east side of our patio, frequent home to squirrel's, robin's, sparrow's, and finch's nests. This spring so far, there's a squirrel's nest in one of the cedars, and a robin's nest in the other one. The robins get very aggressive chasing the squirrels when they get too close to their nest. It's entertaining to watch the squirrels being run off by Mom and Pop Robin. We can see the nest from the patio, and even better from our master bathroom window. Yesterday I took these shots from the window, then cropped them so we could see the babies a little better. . .

Mom feeding a worm to her brood.

Babies quietly, patiently waiting for more breakfast! It's amazing to me how small the nest is. Under the three babies you can see in this shot, there are at least two more. It's no wonder baby birds so frequently fall out their nests.


  1. Isn't that fun? You're watching a miracle happen.

  2. And get kicked off their posts by nosy cats, such as my Clyde! Love the close ups of the little ones. Around here lately, it's the aggressive mockingbirds nipping down at the cat.

  3. This is so sweet! How wonderful to be able to watch the babies grow up.

  4. Ohhh that is just to cute(-: I love baby birds. It has been a great year here for baby birds too. We seem to have a ton. I saw my first squirrel the other day too. I thought something happened to them because I had not seen one for a few months. They were probably nesting. I put out their sunflower seeds so now they will have plenty of food for their families(-:

  5. The wildlife is VERY busy this time of year!

  6. Thank you Sheila! When I saw where the nest was, I figured I could see it really well from our second-floor master bath window.

    Jane Marie, It's wonderful. I love birds, and robins hold a special place in my heart.

    Brenda, I've even seen nesting birds dive bomb the mail man! They never go after me though. Maybe they recognize me as a kindred spirit ;)

    Amy, it's really a thrill for me. It's amazing how fast the babies grow. I wish I'd taken some pictures earlier. Robin's eggs are so beautiful. I'm curious how many babies there are. I saw five at least.

    Cindee, the first crop of baby squirrels have just headed out of their nests for the first time in the last week or so. They're so little, and so cute. I just wish they'd quit digging in my garden!

  7. Tina, they sure are busy. Those babies really keep the parents hopping. They seem to spend almost all their time getting food and bringing it back to the nest. Parenting is a full time job!

  8. I guess you're enjoying watching the squirrels getting chased. I hope all those baby birds make it.

  9. How exciting to be able to see the little ones so close up. Love the photos!

  10. I've mentioned you, Linda, in the sidebar of ESTHER IN THE GARDEN.

    Hope that's ok.

    Let me know if not.


  11. Your blog has a delightful name, Garden Girl.
    Growing up in Wisconsin, my family always watched for the arrival of the first robin, the true harbinger of spring.

  12. gardengirl,

    Delightful and glad you shared your new friends with us.


  13. MMD, you betcha! I chase them too, but they run just as fast from the robin parents who are smaller than they are, as they do from me when I tell them in my big outside voice to get the @&#! out of my garden.

    I hope they make it too. So far I've found no casualties. It's a great spot for a nest - under the cedars there's lots of cover in the form of an overgrown yew hedge and some junipers and arborvitaes surrounding the cedars. If they do fall they're less likely to be found by predators. That spot is very sheltered. Those robins were smart to chose it. The cedars are among the most favored nesting spots in our yard, probably due to all the cover below them.

    Rose, I was thrilled when I realized how well I'd be able to see them from our window.

    Esther, than you for the sidebar mention!

    Terra, thank you. I turned a negative into a positive with the name, also the name of my gardening business. When I was a kid, my family had a huge vegetable garden. I used to get teased on the school bus as the bus lumbered past our huge corner lot. From school-bus height, the kids could see our very large vegetable garden on the far side of our yard, and the 'bad boys' started saying 'Hey, where's the garden girl?,' after the bus had taken off, or 'Eewww. . . it's the garden girl', as I got on the bus. I cringed back then. Now I think, 'Damn right I'm the garden girl, and proud of it too.'

    Gail, glad you enjoyed meeting our new friends! They seem like a lovely family. The dad is right there with the mom feeding and protecting the kids. It's wonderful to see both parents so involved, and sharing equally in the care of their children!

  14. An advantage of turning up late is that I got to read the comments as well as the post - I loved the way "Garden Girl" was transformed from a taunt into a triumphant declaration!

    We've only had a few glimpses of robins since we moved to Texas - I used to like the way they'd hang around when they saw me weeding, hoping for a worm or grub. You got nice photos of the babies.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  15. Annie, thank you! I was proud of our garden, but gardening wasn't 'popular' in our neighborhood. I have fond memories of my family's garden. Those kids missed out!

    The robins around here are about the least scared of people of all the birds. Ducks and some of the cardinals seem pretty unconcerned about our presence too, and will get very close, or let us get close to them.


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